soaking up the summer sun | august 10 on 10

soaking up summer sun, yep. it got real.

and i slipped from this. i’m sorry. but life has been busy. i shot so many weddings this summer. i saw so many things. i experienced love in abundance. i got a super tan from the sun. most of all, i was away a lot and it left me a little disconnected from my family. and that sucks, period.

so, whenever i could, i tried to make up for it, camera in hand. because summer is only so long. and the sun eventually fades. regardless, i’m still documenting life. and although we didn’t have a formal 10 on 10 for august, i did shoot. a lot.

so here’s a snippet of life in august.
the summer.
the sun.
the warmth.

and lots of water.

robyn x

prism photo boy in sunflowers
boys in sunflowers in burlington
summer sun in burlington
golden light in burlington
boy at african lion safari

the boys spent a week away with their grandparents and attended a church camp that they loved. during that time, they learned how to swim. they’ve come so far from being literally petrified in florida earlier this year. for some reason, it just clicked. finally. they’re wearing life jackets so they could freely swim in the deep end.

boys learning how to swim
posing pool side
jumping off the diving board
5263 RSRP.jpg
5288 RSRP.jpg
5273 RSRP.jpg
5420 RSRP.jpg
5426 RSRP.jpg
5428 RSRP.jpg

the last three photos above… so funny! and no, their cousin gavin did NOT put jameson’s head under the water. he did that himself. he was trying to hug them. the boys were upset that i said fiona won for best pose (because she was the only one who looked at the camera). oh the things kids get upset at haha!

5600 RSRP.jpg
5609 RSRP.jpg
5623 RSRP.jpg
5629 RSRP.jpg
5656 RSRP.jpg