To learn more about me is to see the world the way I see your glass. Half full. And love is one of life’s greatest gifts worth capturing. To love someone with all of your heart while baring your soul is why I do what I do. But it’s more than that. Your memories aren’t just about documenting a pretty milestone in your life; it’s about the experience that occurs while your life unfolds before your eyes. The journey; and I truly believes your journey is worth capturing.

It’s about how you feel in those moments “in between” — and it’s now what brings you here to me. I don’t believe in cookie cutter perfection. This is your life. When you flip through photos of your life with your children or grandchildren, these are the photos that bring your story to life. Like a good fragrance, it will remind you of a time and place when the big (and little) things mattered enough to be documented.

Why me? I am a passionate and dedicated artist. I am a lover of people, creativity, connections, happiness, extreme laughter, and story telling. My promise is to tell your story exactly as it unfolds; with raw emotion, classic beauty, and timeless grace. My friendly yet confident nature will put your mind at ease. And my creative and artistic abilities will ensure that you receive something special when you commission me for your life stories.

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me a little better.

all about robyn russell the photographer

You don’t take a photograph, you make it – Ansel Adams

Robyn is an award winning photographer who currently resides in Burlington, Ontario with her husband and twin boys. When she isn’t photographing, she is an avid concert goer and can be found singing at all hours of the day (which is how she met her husband who is also a musician). She loves the company of her friends, a good thriller, roasted seaweed and the smell of the ocean. She also loves travelling the world with her camera.