Annual Traditions | Allenwood Beach

As I sit here editing another wedding, I am left pondering our annual traditions and the summer that simply went by too quickly. I worked so much, I missed it. It didn’t wait for me. It came. And it went, just as fast.

Don’t get me wrong. I was excited for the fall season. My schedule was full of sessions and we had an amazing trip planned to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. For the first time in a long time, I was okay with the transition to autumn. I didn’t get anxiety on the night before the “first day of school” (yes, I still get those butterflies in my stomach, even as an adult). All of my favourite television shows were coming back on air (except for Hannibal, don’t get me started) and I was finally ready to slip on my fall boots and crunch some leaves under my feet. But then, it gets cold. And wet. And I think to myself, why do people love fall so much? And enough with the pumpkin spice lattes already — the toasted graham latte is way better! All kidding aside, I always think about the summer. Even in the summer, I think about summer. And I always wish I had more time to enjoy it. It’s why I savour moments like this. When I get to step away from my life as a photographer. To break free from reality to spend some time catching up with good friends. With life. For the last 3 summers, we’ve made our weekend trip to Allenwood Beach with our dear friends a necessity. Regardless of how busy I am or how many weddings I may take on, I put aside one weekend to do a little something for me. And this is always a highlight. So tonight, as I sip on hot tea and listen to She Wants Revenge, I am raising my mug to annual traditions. To hot and sweaty summer nights. To shaving your legs every day and to rocking beach hair 24/7. Summer, I feel you. In my bones.

Until we meet again…

5444 RSRP.jpg
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5581 RSRP.jpg

If I could stare at this view every night, I may actually go to sleep at a decent hour. Oh well, we can dream…

5574 RSRP.jpg